We don't breed any cats longer.


Ortalion is a registred cattery name in CFA with since 1997 and in TICA with since 2006




Contact: ortalion@yahoo.se

Persian & Exotic


I bought my first pedigree cat 1987, a red-white persian boy S*Bella-Itas Petit Rouge. I neutered him and started to show, he got his titel Europe Premier. And got a black-white persian female -89....

1996 I included exotic in my breeding program, my last litter was in 2005.

American Curl


We was Swedens first American Curl breeder.

Our story with American Curls began in the end of 2003 when I was searching for a Kurilean Bobtail, but there was not many breeders, so I ended up at Siriuksen homepage and saw the beautiful creamsilvertabby American curl LH boy GP DW & EP Siriuksen UrbanCurl and that end it up with he moved to our home in March 2004...

American Wirehair


In my visit in Texas 2006, we went to a catshow outside Austin..

Saw in the catalouge that there was 2 American Wirehair cats...

Asked the owner (Donna) if I could feel the coat.. and I meet this lovely blue patched tabby-white kitten female, Frazzled, and I fell in love with her...

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